Ryan Companies Website

A re-designed website for a South Florida-based construction company.

The front page built with a jQuery "hero" image to showcase the strengths of The Ryan Companies
Smalling Studios was contracted to develop a new website for Ryan Companies.  The website was in need of a complete redesign from their original version, which used a dated black & red color palette .  The client wanted to showcase their talents in a large format and they wanted to update the color palette.  The website was built off the 960 grid, with a background that extends to the size of the screen to help it appear larger.
Please note, all work was done under Noble Communications
Showcasing the history of the company was important to the client.  The panorama format helped anchor the elements and differentiate the content from the rest of the web site.
The project section was cleaned up and presented in an easy format for clients & contractors to view their successes.
Several screenshots from the original website
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